apple iphone usb c 1

A new day brings yet another leak surrounding the upcoming iPhone, as reports are suggesting that Apple may finally be changing from Lightning to industry standard USB-C. The leak comes courtesy of Apple and iOS 13, and it was spotted by Raphaël Mouton.

The image shows the first beta of iOS 13, with a picture of a new recovery mode for iPhone. Instead of the accustomed Lightning cable seen in previous recovery modes, USB-C is shown instead.

Apple brought USB-C to the iPad last year, while MacBooks also use this connector. Therefore, logical evolution would be to apply the same to the iPhone.

Forbes points out that the new iOS 13 symbol could merely depict the USB-C cable pointing to a MacBook, signifying the end of a Lightning to USB-C fast charger.

Apple has, however, leaked its own updates in the past, predominantly to pique interest surrounding new products. As always, you’ll have to stay tuned for confirmed details.

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