Medicom Toy's iconic collector’s figure, Be@rbrick, is back in an extra special 400% version.

Decked out in an off-white colorway, the 28cm-tall figure is handmade in Japan using  360-year-old porcelain called Kutani ware.

The special Japanese porcelain is usually marked by vivid dark colors that supposedly epitomize lavish aesthetics, however, this Be@rbrick is left in its all-white state from early on in the production process prior to being painted.

Kutani ware’s signature characteristic is the tiny little cracks that show after the porcelain has been treated and glazed, which can be seen in detail on the fourth slide above.

To further underline how special this edition of Be@rbrick is, the figure is available in store only at CONCEPTS and costs a whopping $2,500.

Flip through the images above and then check out the listing at CONCEPTS via the button below.

In other news, atmos and DL Headwear have released caps made from vintage Nike jackets.

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