The repurposing of clothing has provided some pretty dope additions to our 'fits. Workwear designed for farms and factories has become a wardrobe mainstay, and sports gear is of course inescapable. We now want technical pieces more than ever. Extra pockets, gore-tex fabric, mesh, ties, pulls, and zips, most of which we'll probably never find a use for. But who cares if you're copping with a trip to Yosemite in mind or not — there's an indescribable feeling to be had from hitting the streets in suped-up outdoor apparel.

Once confined to those cavernous camping stores your dad would drag you to on a Sunday, we’ve seen brands like Arc’treyx, Salomon, and Patagonia make a big splash, being worked into outfits and styles with ease. With Salomon sneakers taking their rightful seat at the table with some of the most respected kicks out there, we must concede — sorry dad, you really were ahead of your time!

As fashion has become increasingly function-focused, outdoor wear has journeyed from tougher terrain down to street level, shaken off the mud and knocked on the doors of some of the world's biggest fashion houses, influencing collections across the globe. Our recent piece on luxury mountain footwear featured highlights from Prada and Maison Margiela.

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Nature-ready torso pieces are all about lightweight fabrics that are resilient enough to shield you from the elements. Japanese outdoor specialist And Wander uses feedback from real-world usage to hone the performance of its pieces. We've picked out a reflective jacket by the brand below, built with a robust shell and soft knit, and designed to keep you visible in low light. Also making our selection is a stand-out sleeveless option from Patagonia, and a water and wind resistant outerwear choice by Helly Hansen.

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If you're using them for their intended purpose, you'll need some outdoor wear pants that not only allow good movement, but are also strong enough to withstand any contact with rugged terrain. Perhaps more importantly, though, is finding a pair that look sick alongside your choice of sneaker. Our selection of bottoms below, including a newly released technical trouser from London-based Affix and shorts by mountaineering stalwart Gramicci, is the place to go to cover both areas.

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One of the first categories of technical gear to step into the more casual rotation was footwear. Salomon continues to dominate this arena, and that's reflected in our selection. We've also picked out the Nike x UNDERCOVER mountain shoe, a Jun Takahashi-designed tactical piece that's topped off with a speckled outsole.

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All 'fits need an accessory to provide that finishing touch, and the outdoor wear game keeps on giving, with pieces that top off your look and have a genuine practical use. Highlights below include the storm cap from A-Cold-Wall*, an option from Samuel Ross that lets you add some weather-ready depth to your headwear rotation. The mountaineering belt bag from Eastpak, packing a hefty two-liters of space, has you covered for carrying those essentials.

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