When the Italian outerwear experts at C.P. Company decided to refresh its iconic Urban Protection series from the late ‘90s, they wanted to capture the spirit of nature reinhabiting the spaces it once occupied.

The idea for the original collection, which first released in 1998, was to create a cohesive line of pieces that functioned together and could provide adequate protection from the elements, both natural and manmade, when necessary. One of the most iconic silhouettes borne from that era is the Metropolis jacket — the first piece in the Urban Protection range.

Before mask-wearing became a norm this year, the Metropolis jacket introduced a removable anti-smog face mask built into its hood, which instantly made it recognizable on the streets. Ever since then, the mask and hooded goggles became a part of C.P. Company's identity, and while it might look cool and even draw dystopian vibes, it’s a feature that’s inexplicably woven into a part of everyday life now.

But Moreno Ferrari, the collection’s original designer, was forward-thinking and added other technical elements that would prove useful in an urban environment — like wind protection pockets for securing important travel documents or a cell phone. Considering mobile devices were only just beginning to take off, C.P. Company’s foresight to produce a technical line specifically for city life was well-timed.


The Metropolis has since been remastered and enhanced with the benefit of modern lightweight fabrics, like Dyneema and GORE-TEX Xenia and Infinium. If being conspicuous at all times is your thing (or just for safety), the KAN-D Parka’s striking fabric provides high-visibility with a stylish, transparent aesthetic.

To illustrate the versatility of C.P. Company’s Urban Protection series, we enlisted the help of a few fashion-forward friends to see how they'd rock their favorite pieces.

Of course, stylist and Yeezy designer Veneda Carter looks nothing less but stunning traipsing around town in the glowing KAN-D parka. It’s ideal for frigid city winters and includes a removable poly-fleece layer should things heat up. Carter loves a garment that's technical and has a purpose. "It's rare to find cool technical styles that also have interesting colors and fabrics," she explains.

It’s super elevated, extremely functional, yet sporty and simple.

Veneda Carter, Stylist & Designer

The parka's longer length and signature goggle hood with full visor coverage ensure you won't be caught off-guard should the weather take a turn for the worse.


When model and eye_C magazine Creative Director John Erick isn’t in front of the camera stunting designer duds, he enjoys getting out of the city and reconnecting with nature — while putting the collection’s performance abilities to the test. Maintaining a sense of balance between city life and the outdoors is critical for Erick. "Being born in the city but raised in the suburbs, I have an appreciation for both environments," he explains.

The ability to traverse both worlds effortlessly is important for him to exercise his creativity, and pieces like the lightweight GORE-TEX Infinium quarter-zip hoodie are perfect transitional garments that work well in a range of environments. "I love the hustle of the city and the spaciousness of nature. I've always looked at nature as an opportunity for meditation and reflection, and the city to turn those thoughts into action," Eric says.

"GORE-TEX has always upheld a high standard of protection and reliability," he continues. "When you hear GORE-TEX, you trust it. C.P. Company continually impresses me seasonally through innovation, thorough attention to detail, and functionality. All major core values that I try to incorporate in my daily wardrobe."

Learn more about the Urban Protection series and check out the full collection at cpcompany.com.

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