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In a convention center on the outskirts of Berlin, GmbH premiered its Autumn 2021 collection to a total of zero guests. Welcome to Berlin Fashion Week, lockdown edition.

The "Welt am Draht" collection is inspired by the 1973 TV show of the same name, by the iconic German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The sci-fi epic suggests that our reality is not what we make of it, and that our world lives within another world, perhaps as a computer simulation.

This concept of life as a simulation seemed apt for our current reality: “With our lives being mediated through digital tools, it’s hard to grasp what's real and not, or even understand what reality is. This collection was really about working with materials and fashion in the most analog and 'real’ way possible, simply to keep our sanity,” GmbH creative directors Benjamin A. Huseby and Serhat Isik explain.

Planning ahead now is impossible, so designing for an uncertain future isn’t easy. However, working during lockdown has had a positive impact on GmbH’s artistic practice. “It has made us understand there is no point in doing anything half-hearted.”

For BERLIN, BERLIN, GmbH is sharing exclusive backstage images of its "Welt am Draht" collection, shot by Thyago Sainte and premiered as part of Reference Festival. The dramatic collection features vegan leather trench coats, sparkling necklaces, faux fur stoles, and bodycon knits — these aren’t clothes for your living room. “We wanted to make clothes that trigger dreams, hopes, and feelings. It’s a hopeful collection with clothes meant for all kinds of outdoor activities, anything but being stuck at home. Whether that is going to the opera, horse riding, skiing, clubbing, or cruising is really up to the wearer.”

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