On Wednesday night, Gosha Rubchinskiy celebrated the launch of his Youth Hotel book with his long-time supporters from Moscow destination store KM20. Coinciding with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Russia, the party proved exactly why the country's kids are so inspiring for the internationally renowned wunderkind designer.

The young Muscovites - many of whom have appeared in Gosha's lookbooks, shows and photo books - gleefully mix skate gear, streetwear and vintage high-fashion pieces with modified clothing from their parents' wardrobes and obscure oddities found in thrift stores, caring little for brand prestige, trends or fads.

"With the financial crisis, everyone got poorer - especially the youngsters." KM20's founder Olga Karput told us. "The youth's style is a mix of whatever you can find in your dad's wardrobe, whatever you can find in second-hand stores, mixed with Gosha Rubchinskiy, Tigran Avestiyan; designers that they're ready to save money and invest in."

"These guys don't follow the older Russian trends." she continued. "They don't consider glossy magazines as a source of any inspiration, they don't trust their opinion. They just look for their own things to get inspired by." While the high/low concept is nothing new, Moscow's style-conscious youths mixed anything and everything in a recklessly independent manner that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. It's a far cry from the trend-obsessed atmosphere that grips many of the world's fashion capitals.

Stay tuned for more content from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Russia; in the meantime get to know more of the country's brands in our roundup.

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