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When Highsnobiety first went live nearly 15 years ago, it was a project run out of a student dorm room. Deeply rooted in a passion for great product, obscure streetwear, and limited edition sneakers, today Highsnobiety inspires the next generation of tastemakers, who are always in search of the profound feeling that follows the discovery of the novel and “cool.”

As Highsnobiety has grown over the years, we always found ourselves asking similar questions: Wouldn’t it be cool if X-brand did something together with Y-brand? What if a particular sneaker silhouette came in a specific color or previously unused material? How much work goes into making this specific product—and why hasn’t that narrative been explored? Although telling stories, covering product drops, and sharing emerging talents have been highly fulfilling, we are beyond excited about what’s to come next.

Today we are announcing the addition of an entirely new shopping environment. Fusing our passion to observe, dig deeper, and tell inspiring stories, we’re happy to introduce a new section on the site dedicated to products that have a cultural significance to us—and our community, too. Only this time, you can not only discover and read about them, but purchase them right here on Highsnobiety.

We want to expand on our status of being cultural curators and an endless stream of discovery of the new, and truly close the loop by giving you access to the very best across the many different categories, cultures, markets and products that we operate in. That is the mission and the next chapter for Highsnobiety.

We’ll focus on a single drop at a time and introduce each one with a series of immersive stories that give the products and people behind them the attention they deserve. With 15 years’ experience of covering product drops, we believe focusing on individual releases instead of following typical retail strategies allows us to highlight the best products, ideas, stories, and talent—regardless of season and trends.

Furthermore, we can truly fuse storytelling and shopping unlike anyone has ever done before. Each drop will be available worldwide, for a limited amount of time, and only while stock lasts. We hope to achieve an entirely new dynamic, rhythm and experience for the highly educated and passionate community that we are a part of and have been crucial in building over the last decade and more.

For our first drop, we’re incredibly proud to be partnering with a luxury brand that has been at the forefront of the development of the modern sportswear category. Expect many great stories over the next weeks about this groundbreaking collection followed by an exclusive, hand-picked selection of pieces that will be available on Highsnobiety. To be the first to know about our upcoming drops like this one, please enter your email address here.

We cannot wait to surprise you, and hopefully make you discover the NEW as often as possible in the future!

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I am the founder of Highsnobiety.com. I started the blog right out of college in 2005 and I am still as passionate and involved as I was on the first day. While I do not write as much anymore, you will still find the occasional article on the site wi...