Continuing our search of the web’s most affordable goods, we present 5 genuine leather jackets for $300 and under.

In our ongoing quest to bring our fellow Highsnobs insider tips on where to find great gear at a cost that won’t break the bank, our Affordable Alternatives series has so far included men’s silver jewelryelongated teesall-black sneakers and selvedge denim, amongst others. This week, however, we’re focusing on something a little more rebellious, bringing you a selection of leather jackets all under $300.

While there’s no arguing that leather jackets – from Schott’s iconic and rebellious Perfecto to more contemporary streetwear styles – are a timeless part of men’s style, they’re certainly not cheap. Tanning hides is a notoriously expensive business and many of the cheaper options out there resort to nasty artificial leathers, or feature awkward, boxy cuts. Having already outlined 4 Things to Check Before Buying a Leather Jacket, we’re now rounding up a selection of five great jackets made from genuine leather that won’t force you to starve or go homeless.

River Island Black Leather Biker Jacket – $260

Taking the classic Perfecto-style motorcycle jacket and removing its unnecessary accoutrements – namely the waist belt and buttoned chest pockets – River Island’s take on the biker jacket is a seasonless staple that will work with virtually any look – whether you’re pairing it with a hoodie Kanye-style or adding a rebellious edge to sharp tailoring. Buy it here.

ZARA Leather Jacket – $299

A super clean varsity-style bomber sporting a suede body accompanied by genuine leather sleeves and trimmed pockets, ZARA’s spin on the leather jacket offers a contemporary, sportier aesthetic that will work effortlessly into any streetwear look – from dressed-down with sweatpants and sneakers to formally with tailored trousers and leather boots. Cop yours here.

H&M Suede Biker Jacket – $249

Forgoing rich glossy finishes in favor of buttery sueded leather, this softer take on the classic biker jacket will work effortlessly with a casual outfit of neutral tones – think washed denim, beige knits and flannel shirts – suitable for those who want to keep their getup a little more understated. Shop it here.

ASOS Leather Bomber Jacket – $189.50

A slender take on the chunky MA-1 military bomber, ASOS come through with an easy-to-wear piece similar to those from recent Supreme and Givenchy collections – albeit with a slimmer silhouette, minimal detailing and a fraction of the price – proving once again why the in-house label remain ahead of the game when it comes to affordably priced high-fashion alternatives. Get yours here.

Topman White Leather Biker Jacket – $280

A real statement piece, this coke-white take on the classic biker jacket will suit the more adventurous dressers out there – just make sure you keep the rest of your outfit toned down or else you’ll look like a washed-out rapper or Columbian drug baron. We’d pair this with an all-black outfit of sneakers, jeans and crewneck sweater. Get it here.

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Words by Alec Leach
Freelance Writer/Editor/Consultant

Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin