The Leica M-E camera is going to make the M-System more accessible for entry-level photographers.

Thanks to the lower price point, the M-E (Type 240) is a less daunting financial investment than the rest of the legendary camera family. Specifically aimed at newcomers to the system, the M-E features just the essential photographic functions, like all Leica M models.

The camera's compact body is sealed against dust and water spray, and features leather trim. The top deck and baseplate are finished in an anthracite-gray lacquer. The M-E is compatible with virtually any Leica M-Lens.

The CMOS sensor has a 24 MP resolution, and the file size supports smooth integration into the photographic workflow. An ISO range of up to 6,400 means photos taken in low light are excellent, and a 2 GB buffer memory ensures the immediate readiness for fast shooting. Video recording has a choice of 24/25/30 frames per second, with full-HD format of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Available in limited quantities from July 25 for $3,995.

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