Mexico City has become a go-to destination for vacationers over the last few years. With its cheap cost of living, eclectic art gallery and restaurant landscape and striking array of historical landmarks, the Mexican capital is experiencing a cultural renaissance with a new wave of young creatives who are amping up the city's cool factor in a big way.

Though it may be fledgling, Mexico City's fashion and retail scene isn't something that should go unnoticed. Bolstered by raw local talent that blends Mexico's rich art culture with a contemporary fashion mindset, there's no shortage in diversity when it comes to shopping throughout the city's perimeters.

From high-end boutiques that carry some of the most sought-after names in menswear, to local skater hangouts boasting the region's designers of tomorrow, here are five of the best places to shop in Mexico City.


Owned by local menswear buying maestro Riccardo Campa, HEADQUARTER caters to a clientele with a more seasoned sartorial palette. Anchored by a sizable range of goods by cutting-edge Japanese designers like Undercover, COMME des GARÇONS, WTAPS and the like, the store also stocks a number of quirky bric-a-brac (child-sized Medicom Toy Elmo statuette, anyone?) and exclusive artwork by contemporary Mexican artists. Need a hot shave or a new stock of premium toiletries? HEADQUARTER houses a mini barber shop and grooming corner so that you can look fresh while you shop.

Colima 244 Roma Norte 06700


After getting your finely-tuned menswear fix at HEADQUARTER, head one floor below to cop all of your skating needs at Destructible. Amidst the vast display of rare Supreme decks and neon skateboard signs, you'll find an assortment of apparel and sneakers by just about every top-billed skate brand around – Vans, Thrasher, RIPNDIP, Independent Trucks, Dime, Fucking Awesome and counting. The store also serves as a sort of hangout space for the city's local sidewalk shredders and mosh pit enthusiasts, hence the blaring soundtrack of old school punk cuts and lo-fi skate videos that play on loop throughout the day.

Colima 244 Roma Norte 06700

Lucky Bastard

Hip-hop culture isn't quite as prominent in Mexico as it is up North (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), but Lucky Bastard holds its ground as one of the few spots where rap aficionados can get a taste of old school emcee style. Boasting brands like Hall of Fame, New Era and 10Deep, shoppers can also find a stockpile of long tees, snapbacks and sportswear jackets by the store's in-house label, which often emblazons its pieces with retro hip-hop graphics and slogans.

Colima 212 Roma Norte 06700


The second brick and mortar space owned by HEADQUARTER's Riccardo Campa caters to a more youthful consumer with a penchant for all things streetwear and collectible toy-related. Brands like Brain Dead, Parra, BornxRaised and Obey are just a small cut of what can be found on the stores racks, along with a handful of novelty knickknacks by Kid Robot, PINTRILL and more.

Tonala 47 Roma Norte 06700


Founded in 2006, LEMUR has earned considerable success within Mexico City's retail landscape thanks to its knack for merging fashionable savviness with a commercial mindset. From Dr. Martens and Herschel to Timberland and Fjällräven, the store offers a wide mix of mainstream streetwear and weather sustainable accessories – but that shouldn't overshadow it's eclectic roster of avant Mexican designers which help preserve LEMUR's indie cred among visiting fashion savants.

Jalapa 85 Colonia Roma 06700

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