Nike Football unveiled both the England and Nigeria World Cup kit at an event in London last night. Both the home and away kits were revealed, as well as a collection of training and off-field gear.

England’s kit, while sleek and simple, was rather conservative and was completely outshone by the Nigeria World Cup kit, which features various odes to past on-pitch successes and traditions. The badge has been recolored to honor the ’96 gold medal-winning “Dream Team” and the striped design pays homage to Nigeria’s ’94 shirt, in which they first competed at a World Cup.

The home kit has eagle wing-inspired black and white sleeves and a green and white torso that features an abstracted feather pattern and “hyper colors that extend a power capable of turning heads on and off the pitch.”

To say the internet loved it would be an understatement, with some calling for the World Cup title to be given to Nigeria four months before the tournament even begins. The overwhelmingly positive response shows that Nike has still got it, having come under fire at Euro 2016 for simply using template kits for all of their teams. Clubs like Juventus and Paris Saint Germaine have been regular fixtures in fashion street style sets over the past couple of years, and now it looks as if Nigeria is about to follow suit.

Check out a selection of the best responses below and then flip through the incredible lookbook above.

The internet broke out in almost unanimous praise

With some demanding Nigeria win the World Cup as a result

Loads of non-Nigerians were feeling the design

They’re definitely better than the inspiration...

And blow England’s kit out of the water

Nike may have already won the World Cup kit battle

For more information on the Nigerian kits go here.

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