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Adult entertainment site Pornhub is set to open its first-ever interactive art installation in Los Angeles on July 14, “Pornhub Nation.” The month-long exhibit throws peoples porn habits 50 years into the future, depicting a sex-positive, utopian society as envisaged by Pornhub.

A seven-room experience covering 3,000 square feet, the installation was designed and executed by artists Maggie West and Ryder Ripps, who’ve incorporated the futuristic theme into every element of the show. As you take the tour, expect to find portraits of Pornhub Nation presidents Asa Akira, Riley Reid, Abella Danger, and Joanna Angel (whose qualifications for high office are more Stormy Daniels than Hillary Clinton).

Elsewhere, there is a security camera room set up by the National Sexurity ASSociation (NSA), a BDSM dungeon-cum-driving license bureau named the Domination Masochistic Vroomvroom (DMV), and a room dedicated to exploring zero gravity space sex built by Pornhub Nation’s space program ASSA. You get the idea.

As Pornhub vice president Corey Price explains, “Today, Pornhub receives over 90 million daily visitors. Considering the exponential rate at which we are growing, maybe it wouldn’t be totally out of the question to see a Pornhub-themed utopian society formed by the year 2069.

“Pornhub Nation will serve to epitomize what this futuristic society could look like and provides an immersive experience for our fans to enjoy firsthand. As they make their way through the imaginary world, visitors will be able to experience it, play with it, and interact with it. So make sure you purchase a ticket and check it out.”

The exhibition will be open to the public from July 14 until August 18 and will be located at 4067 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles 90019. Of course, attendees must be 18+. For more information, head to Pornhub Nation.

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