Sony has revealed the new controller for its forthcoming PlayStation 5 console. Named Dualsense, it marks the biggest departure for Sony’s controller design — but according to Twitter, it looks a lot like an Xbox controller.

Aesthetically, the two-tone color scheme and chunkier body break away from the slimmer design players have grown accustomed to from Sony. The controller is radically different on the inside too, haptic feedback replaces the old rumble technology and new “adaptive triggers” adjust for different gameplay effects. For the first time, Sony's controller also features an integrated microphone and a USB-C port.

Yet, as images of the new design made the rounds on social media, all these updated features were overshadowed by one overwhelming reaction: the Dualsense looks like an Xbox controller. Scroll down for some of the hilarious comparisons.

That design is very... err... inspired

If Playstation and Xbox had a baby

Some people were feeling the new look

Fans cant wait to customize these

Things could be worse

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