Berlin-based filmmaker and author Good Guy Boris is set to release a new film and accompanying book documenting the daredevil graffiti artists risking their lives to get to the best spots in the German capital.

Titled Über Freaks, the film takes place deep in the heart of Berlin and documents what it’s like to be part of a young and close-knit group who get their kicks by abseiling down buildings with just the bare minimum amount of safety gear.

Boris says the film can be considered a "joyride for the viewer," as we're finally granted a backstage pass to the intimate, exclusive and hectic lifestyle of the "Berlin Kidz" — a whole world of adrenaline and thrill-seeking that occurs just outside their apartment windows.

Alongside the release of the film, Boris will also drop a book titled Grifters Code: Documenting Modern Graffiti Writing. The book tells the story behind Boris's creation of The Grifters, a group of street artists who, in just a short time, have created a legacy within the local community.

The book goes on to chronicle the success story and birth of Good Guy Boris, explaining and defining the heritage of The Grifters, the path that lead from its embryonic stages in the backwaters of Bulgaria, through to becoming a mainstay of graffiti photojournalism in the capital of France — and everything in-between.

Both the film and the book will launch on February 8 at 8 p.m. (CET) here.

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