Y-3 and James Harden come together to present a special capsule collection in conjunction with adidas's 747 Warehouse St, a two-day event celebrating creativity and basketball culture.

At the center of the collection is the Botan flower, featured on clothing, socks, and the Y-3 BYW basketball shoe. Recognized as the "King of the Flowers," the Botan is a symbol of "bravery, nobility, honor, respect, and good fortune," qualities that describe Harden both on and off the court, the label points out.

The apparel, executed in black and accented by the Botan flower, includes an oversized bomber, tailored shirt, cropped pants, and crew sweatshirt.

The Y-3 BYW sneaker was first showcased on the runway just last month. The off-court shoe reverts back to '90s adidas basketball, here outfitted with Boost tooling, a stretch neoprene upper, and zig-zag lacing system.

Y-3 and James Harden's six-piece capsule will be pre-launched February 16 and February 17 at adidas's 747 Warehouse St in Los Angeles. A global release is then expected for April.

In related news, adidas gives us an official look at Harden's new signature sneaker, the Harden Vol. 2.

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