Thom Browne

We don’t have to tell you that Thom Browne is an absolute legend. Using design and theatrics, they’ve managed to build their own universe, a place that Highsnobiety is happy to be a part of.

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Thom Browne has come to define and redefine the modern “uniform”. At his eponymous label, you will find beloved classic silhouettes modernized with precise tailoring, inspired by mid-20th century American menswear. Through this lens, Browne has taken clothing like the original gentleman's suit and has reconceptualized it in a way that is both whimsical and resonant.

In a world where dressing down and casual wear has become the norm, Browne believes that putting on a jacket is the ultimate anti-establishment stance. The Thom Browne label officially started in 2001, offering a made-to-measure experience that produced meticulous suits framed with traditional fabrics like seersucker, flannel, and wool. Aside from the apparel's tailoring, Thom Browne caught the fashion world's eye for its "shrunken proportions." This preppy, playful, and slim design would later become an essential trend in menswear, influencing fashion as a whole.

Leaning heavily on two colors — grey and navy — Thom Browne produces masterful collections of shirts, sweaters, and bottoms, with the classic gray suit becoming a focal point of each release. The brand has no logo, but the distinguished cropped silhouette of a piece, combined with visual identifiers — like his four white horizontal stripes or the red, white, and blue grosgrain, is what makes the label unique. Today, Browne continually dissects the anatomy of classic American clothing through his ever-evolving fashion shows and partnerships with brands like Brooks Brothers, Moncler Gamme Bleu, Samsung, and our own Highsnobiety team.