Gosha Rubchinskiy

Gosha Rubchinskiy


Founded in 2008 by the designer of the same name, Gosha Rubchinskiy is a men’s fashion label based in Moscow, Russia. Despite launching his label less than a decade ago, the Russian designer has quickly made a name for himself in the global fashion scene, becoming one of the most talked about designers in both streetwear and high fashion circles right now.

Born and raised in Moscow, Rubchinskiy launched his eponymous label after graduating from the Moscow College of Technology and Design. His work is heavily influenced by the culture of his home country, particularly its working-class youth. As a result, his collections are characterized by sportswear silhouettes, roughly-fitting garments and unique color palettes, as well as graphic prints featuring Cyrillic typography and the colors of Russia’s flag; white, blue and red.

After years struggling to produce clothing in Russia, Rubchinskiy’s brand began to garner much broader attention, thanks to Commes des Garçons. Starting in 2012, the iconic Japanese fashion label began handling production, sales and marketing of the brand, bringing Rubchinskiy into the CDG family and unlocking everything that entails – such as an international distribution network and the opportunity to be stocked in the brand’s prestigious Dover Street Market retail stores.

Beyond the brand’s central collections, Gosha Rubchinskiy has also become well known for his collaborative ventures, typically with sportswear brands who have a strong cultural connection to Russia. Previous collaborations have included Italian labels such as Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Kappa, as well as work with adidas Originals, Reebok and Vans. The designer even ventured into luxury territory, when he revealed a collaboration with the historic British fashion house Burberry for Spring/Summer 2018.

Outside of his fashion endeavors, Rubchinskiy is also a photographer – something that he views as his true passion. He regularly releases photography publications and books alongside his clothing collections, and often shoots his own brand lookbooks and editorials, as well as shooting for other brands. He also supports many of his friends and peers on their own endeavors; in 2016, the young skater Valentin Fufaev debuted his “Kush Fag” clothing line with Rubchinskiy’s help, and Moscow DJ/producer Buttechno has regularly scored his show soundtracks.

In 2016, Rubchinskiy began producing a diffusion skateboard label, offering similar product to his mainline collections, but at a more affordable price and with a strong focus on t-shirts and sweats. Entitled “PACCBET” (Russian for “sunrise”), the collection tends to release more sporadically than the Gosha Rubchinskiy line, but has proven just as popular with Rubchinskiy’s passionate audience.

In 2018, it was announced that the Gosha Rubchinskiy label would be breaking away from the traditional seasonal fashion model, and instead “something new is coming.”




Moscow, Russia


Gosha Rubchinskiy

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