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Designed by Office O Architects (OOA) for a family wanting something “special,” Villa MQ is situated in Tremelo, Belgium on a large terrain surrounded by pines. Taking in account the building regulations, OOA started sculpting the house around the desired programs, taking away the usual references by using curved walls, different ceiling heights, light, etc.

The entrance of the house is reached by way of a slope within a concrete framework in an artificial landscape. Although the programs blend into each other, natural light provides a unique atmosphere at every level: the continuous dispersion of light on the curved walls emphasizes the framework.

On the next level we find the kitchen, connected to the garden, and the slope towards the living room. An elongated dome in the sloping ceiling/roof points the way to the highest zone, that of the children’s rooms.

Brian Farmer is Highsnobiety's Managing Editor and is based in New York City.

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