Imagine a world where instead of investing in art, you invested in sneakers. In that world, Kanye’s out of debt and Instagram cut to the chase and converted into an online auction house. It’s also a world where people actually had their insurance policies pay out for them when they got stung. Because in that world, brands like Crep Protect, the London-label that offers sprays, wipes and sneaker-cleaning solutions that repel stains and cleans the kind of stuff you’d rather be stepping on than falling under, would be in the backpack of every serious investor.

Well, that world is arguably around the corner, so we got ourselves a can of Crep Protect’s spray and flung some green paint at it while it was applied to a pair of sneakers, just to see how it would handle.

Using a stark white pair of leather Reebok Vintage Club C 85s, a slow motion camera and some zero-gravity effects, the end results were pretty solid. See for yourself with the video above, before perusing Crep Protect’s range of wipes, cleaning solutions and plush microfiber sneaker towels at their online store.

Branded Content Editor
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