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Imagine being gifted with super powers. It’s the kind of thing we all used to wish for in childhood based solely off of the strength of the conviction that our lives would somehow be better or more interesting. That’s not the case in the Jeff Chan-directed short “Code 8.”

Set in a fictional city called Lincoln, the soon-to-be feature film chronicles the life of a young man with special powers tied to electricity who finds himself clashing with law enforcement after he commits the petty crime of breaking a window. The small act, spurred by the frustration of being mistreated and demonized by society, triggers a tragic chain of events.

Though anchored in action and science-fiction, the film also explores themes of discrimination and institutional disenfranchisement as most citizens with special powers live below the poverty line and are carefully tracked by a highly-militarized police force.

The film will eventually be feature-length and is being shot later this year. Press play to enjoy.

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