Montreal filmmakers Jeremy Rubier and AD Jennings are gearing up to release their new documentary which centers around a collective of skateboarders in Brooklyn, NY, referred to as Skaters & Thieves.

Working on a budget of zero dollars, Rubier and Jennings in turn followed these boarders around as they went about their daily lives, showcasing how Skaters & Thieves are shaping the next generation of skaters and black culture within the city of Brooklyn.

The team is made up of nine of the most upfront, carefree, no-bullshit type of people who share the same passion for skating and thieving.

Here we get out first look at Skaters & Thieves, which will premiere in its entirety at SkateBrooklyn on June 4. The documentary will also be available to stream for free online.

Not NYC, not LA.

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