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If there’s one thing that can be said about summer, it’s that people who look good seem to look better. Maybe it’s the vitamin D, maybe it’s you being outside more and getting more exercise. Or, maybe, it’s the garms you’re wearing, the accessories you’re packing, and the groom game you’re bringing that’s making life that little bit more beautiful for everyone involved.

Because when you combine all that swag, you can’t help but swagger. Not that we’re into overblown showboating, but we’ve never run away from a bit of casual street peacocking. Because, at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to look (and, yeah, smell) good? So we took the time to compile an essential summer swagger guide to help you ratchet up those style points as we sail on through the remaining days of summer, curated by both ourselves and the guys over at Old Spice.

From new takes on summer staples to one-off originals and on-trend essentials, we’ve got you covered from the moment you hit the shower to the point where you hit the beach.

Check out more from Old Spice and their incredible smelling Red Zone Collection here.

Genesee Sunglasses

Carhartt WIP combines with the folks at RETROSUPERFUTURE for a solid pair of shades in black. Cos, black. The frame shape is no-nonsense straight-up style so you don’t have to worry about your weird face shape taking it all out of wack.

Woven Joggers

Nobody wants to wear pants in summer. Changing back into them after a week of shorts and air whistling through your leg hair is like confining your manly pins to a straight jacket. But, if you have to do it, then Nike SB’s woven joggers are pretty tight. The good kind of tight.

Old Spice’s Red Zone Collection

Male grooming is a hot topic right now, but not as hot as you’ll be if you start packing some of this product into your daily routine. The Red Zone collection from mansmell experts, Old Spice, is a must-have this summer to beat the heat and smell incredible. And with scent names like “Swagger” and “Desperado” covering everything from hair cleaning to styling, body washes and underarm protection, you’re basically applying a pure sheen of manly confidence to your body.

Supreme X Hanes 3 White Tees

The only Supreme most people will ever own and, let’s be honest, they’re the only items you’ll ever need. Three white minimally-branded Supreme tees from Hanes and the NY skate brand. Summer = sorted.

Saturday’s Surf NYC’s Grant Offset Boardshort

The great thing about these NYC boardshorts is you can pretty much wear them wherever and whenever you feel like: sliding into the DMs with your bae on the sofa, or sliding into the surf with your bae in your arms. It’s all good. Blocked in mustard and white for a classic colorway feel.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

Hey! Hey! Remember when photos were actual things you could hold in your hands rather than a bunch of pixels you idly scroll past. Nah probably not. Jump back into the physical world for a minute with Fujifilm’s Mini 90 Instax to make instant, real, physical photos you can actually hold.

Calvin Klein Re-Issue Trucker Jacket

A modern icon doesn’t get much better than this. I mean, it’s a Calvin Klein cotton denim jacket with a small, discrete, woven logo on the chest and is fitted classic and sharp. It’s re-issued so it comes with a slightly soft, lived-in feel – as all the best denim jackets do.

Nike Swoosh H86 Cap

Normcore may be dead and buried but that hasn’t stopped the so called ‘dad cap’ fad from hanging around on people’s heads. But aside from all that trend watching rubbish, this cap’s an undisputed classic and looks dope. Get it on ya and hang around on the edge of soccer fields looking fly like the dad-in-training you are.

Terrex Scope GTX

Look, trust us on this. Trail sneakers are dope and this one from adidas’ Terrex line is probably one of the sickest we’ve seen. It’s also reasonably understated but with enough style points for you to tread that fine line pretty easily. Pair it with a slim/tapered pair of trackies and you’re all set.

Jason Markk’s Quick Wipes – 30 Pack

An absolute essential for the sneakerhead who cares about their kicks. Get a pack of these and keep one on you at all times. The unique duel-textured cloth is saturated in Jason Markk’s trademark solution, but don’t use ’em on nubuck or suede cos that’s gonna turn out bad.

Suicoke For Sasquatchfabrix’s DEPA V-2

Last time we checked, sandals were a good idea for your feet. Don’t let the hippy punk crusty crowd dominate the look. Reclaim it and rock it (yeah, even with a sharp pair of socks) with a pair of these Japanese bad boys from Suicoke and Sasquatchfabrix.

BAPE’S ABC Sport Towel

Show you’re down with the streetwear heritage with this summer essential from the founding father that is BAPE. The cotton sport towel is worked in the brand’s iconic print and comes super compressed.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel S

A rock solid duffel from The North Face that’s sturdy enough for all the summer days spent at the lake, the camp site, or in the middle of muddy festival fields. Crafted from tough, incredibly bright yellow nylon to help find you when you inevitably get lost trying to scale that mountain.

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