Let’s be honest, 2016 sucked for the most part. From politics, to war, to celebrity deaths, the past 12 months could hardly be considered vintage.

Thankfully, if there has been one route of escapism, it’s come via the silver screen, where a whole load of sick films have come to light for the first time. This time last year, YouTuber Sleepy Skunk artfully spliced together some of the best clips from 2015, and now the cinema buff is back at it to commemorate the class of 2016. Set to an epic soundtrack, footage is included from titles such as Arrival, Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War and Jackie. Touchingly, there’s also a nice nod to the sadly departed David Bowie.

Watch the clip above, and if you missed it last year, catch up with 2015’s entry below. Let us know in the comments which you think is best.

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