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Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has collaborated with INRUSSIA to produce a short film, Apart, which follows three young men from different ends of Russia, all united by the casting call for the designer’s FW17 show which took place in his homecoming show in Kaliningrad back in January 2017.

Directed by Papaya Dog and shot by Maxim Tomash, Apart stars three young men who all responded to Rubchinskiy’s casting call, and traveled from three opposite ends across Russia to take part. The film tells the stories of Andrey, a 16-year-old from Krasnodar who spends his days exploring with a dog in tow; Ivan Shemyakin, from Divnogorsk in Siberia, who muses on his town’s historic legacy and hangs out in abandoned buildings; and Kirill Krasnov, a graffiti artist from Kaliningrad, the city where Gosha Rubchinskiy’s FW17 show took place.

The short film is a candid and authentic look at Russian youth culture, giving a voice to the “Post-Soviet” youth generation which, for many in the West, only serves to symbolize a fashion trend rather than a lived reality.

Apart offers a collision of new perspectives, as each young man makes a journey from their humble hometown to eventually find themselves backstage at a fashion show, surrounded by others who have done exactly the same.

As of late, Russian youth culture and its visual symbols have been repackaged for a Western fashion audience that knows little else about the reality of life inside Russia, beyond these simple surface representations. We’re also inside a heated political climate where tensions between the West and Russia remain complex, to say the least, and propaganda, stereotypes and demonization in the media are all rife.

That’s why a film like Apart is so important. It guides the conversation away from the political differences between the West and East and instead offers up a barefaced look at Russia’s youth and their day-to-day lives.

Have you heard what Russian fashion insiders really think about the Post-Soviet trend?

  • Direcion and Camera: Papaya Dog & Maxim Tomash, INRUSSIA
Words by Kam Dhillon
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