[UPDATE] The 5-0 is no longer after rapper Azealia Banks… for now. A warrant that was issued for Banks’s arrest on Monday, March 6 after she skipped out on a very important court appearance in New York that day has since been retracted.

Banks allegedly played hooky to attend Paris Fashion Week. According to a statement by her entertainment lawyer John Vafa, “Azealia Banks mistakenly believed she had a court appearance on March 8th instead of March 6th.” Vafa has since updated members of the press, stating ““The Court retracted the warrant. Azealia appeared immediately after she returned to New York.” The hearing was related to a 2015 incident at a New York nightclub where she was accused of attacking a female security guard.

Banks has been a rather controversial figure in recent rap history. She beefed with Rihanna on Instagram over the Muslim Ban a couple months back, has apparently been sacrificing chickens for witchcraft purposes in her closet, and can’t seem to lock down a manager. But there’s no denying she makes dope tracks – we hope Zeze will get this all sorted so she can lay some more bars down in the studio soon.

Azealia Banks dropped “Crown” produced by Lunice last month. Listen to it below.

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