Facebook is rolling out “Messenger Day” for Messenger today, and it’s essentially another clone of Snapchat Stories.

If you’ve ever used Snapchat you’d be pretty familiar with how Messenger Day works. You use the camera to capture photos or video before slapping text, doodles, overlays, or filters on top. Once you’ve created a content selection it gets piled together into a “Day” that your Facebook friends can see. The it’s deleted after 24 hours.

Sound familiar? If yes, that’s because, after Snapchat Stories was created, Instagram and WhatsApp received the same features. Snapchat must be doing something right, because Facebook owns Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp and is making no secret that it wants to completely dominate the social messaging space.

And it could really pay off. Facebook’s VP of messaging David Marcus told TechCrunch that displays ads would likely end up running between Messenger Day posts to become the app’s first ever revenue stream.

Now here’s what Instagram Stories got right that Snapchat didn’t.

  • Images: Facebook
Words by Omar Hamwi
Associate Managing Editor
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