Following up on episodes one and two, streetwear-specific online shoe PAQ is back with their third installment, here centering around what it takes to source and style their own outfits from everyday workmen.

During the episode, you will in turn find the young team chasing down Deliveroo drivers, bribing DHL workers in the back of a van, causing madness in Royal Mail’s head office, and raiding IKEA to get hold of the hardest uniform-wear ‘fits.

When asked about why they decided to focus on the uniform trend for this episode, co-creator Elias Riadi commented, “Uniform-wear is on fire right now. Brands like Vetements pastiching the likes of DHL and Skepta rocking a full Postman fit on Top of The Pops, there is something really interesting going on.”

He then went on to add: “We wanted to explore this by taking to the streets of London and trying to get our hands on some of this uniform-wear. It turns out it’s much harder than you’d think… we had to hustle hard to make it happen, which I guess is all part of the entertainment.”

The full episode is now available to watch online. Stay tuned for additional entries arriving every 7 to 10 days.

Not NYC, not LA.