Rick Owens is the enigmatic dark lord of fashion, and perhaps the most successful advertisement of his own abstracted goth-leisure aesthetic. The prolific designer is known for wearing only his own clothes, a distinctly charcoal uniform that he’s worn for years.

Yet, Owens’s most enduring personal signature is undoubtedly is his jet-black, extra-long hair. Sometimes it’s tied in a ponytail, but it’s mostly left to flow freely and bounce with blade-like precision.

Owens is never one to shy away from subversion. Last month, he featured in a music video on the receiving end of a golden shower. Somehow, the notoriously private aesthete inviting T Magazine into his home to join him in this intimate hair-dying ritual is more surprising than Owens unapologetically displaying his sexuality on-camera.

In T Magazine’s latest video above, Owens can be seen applying black dye to his eyebrows in a meditative-like state with a toothbrush. The designer has naturally white and curly hair, and this lens on the designer’s grooming process reveals the excruciating work that goes into maintaining his signature look.

The video doesn’t show his quarterly Japanese chemical straightening treatments, but it does provide an insider view on the morning ritual of one of the industry’s most unfathomable icons.

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Words by Kam Dhillon
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