Having been the scapegoat for a worldwide onslaught of internet ribbing for some years now, Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally had enough. Lightheartedly intended, with an albeit critical intention, the freedom we have experienced outside of Russia when sharing provocative imagery will not become a theme in the motherland. Labelled by the Russian government as a form of “extremism,” all images that could potentially represent the president as a gay, made-up clown have now been banned.

The poster you can see above experienced a surge in popularity in 2013 following Russia’s law banning the propagandizing of “nontraditional sexual relations” to children. But, of course, such denial has sparked an uncontrollable fire within the suppressed Russian media, as Putin’s seemingly persistent need to clamp down on sexual liberties, and all aspects of freedom in speech, have agitated the general public to a degree where the need for mockery has manifested itself.

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Words by Adam Mark
Weekend Editor

Adam is Highsnobiety’s Weekend Editor and splits his time between overseeing all weekend content and studying Economic and Social Communication at Berlin’s University of the Arts.

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