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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters next week, meaning it’s about time to hone your knowledge on the motley crew of cosmic adventurers.

Marvel’s most unlikely superhero faction can trace their history back to ’60s when they debuted in Super-Heroes #18. That line-up featured none of the modern “Guardians,” but did include a weird-ass crystal alien and a chap living on Jupiter by the name of Charlie-27. Since then, the team has changed beyond recognition, with the second iteration of the series launching in 2008.

Now, a new video has emerged, courtesy of YouTube channel The Know, that documents the franchise’s beginning, current day, and everything in between. Check out the easily digestible run-down above, and find trailers for the movie below.

In other movie news, 20th Century Fox has confirmed 3 new X-Men movies for 2018.

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