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The wide, wide world of samples used in hip-hop is about as cavernous and infinite as the internet, a void that continually expands and becomes more nuanced the more time that goes by. That said, there are a few essential pieces of the story of sampling that any serious hip-hop fan should get to know. And for those of you whose knowledge on the subject is rusty at best, fear not, British label Wakeditown Records has just the thing.

Ride the Samples is a new LP from the label that is a reggae-tinged odyssey through some of the most famous soul samples in hip-hop history. It may sound odd but it is something this record company manages beautifully, as evidenced by their recent reggae remixes of some Wu-Tang staples. And should you want an idea of what this full-length sounds like, take a listen to our exclusive premiere of a track titled “Heart of the Dub” by Ambassa below via SoundCloud.

There is also a documentary on the album’s subject matter directed by Marco Mucig. Filmed internationally between London, Italy, Los Angeles and Denmark, it captures the people behind some of the most iconic hip-hop samples in addition the process of giving them a drastic reworking for the Ride the Samples LP. Check it out below.

Ride the Samples will be released on June 2, you can preorder your copy right here.

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Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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