Tune in and turn up

Amir Obè road to stardom has been long, winding and full of almost-but-not-quite moments. Nevertheless it hasn’t stopped the Detroit-born emcee from constantly reinventing himself, and his music. His well-received sophomore EP, None of the Clocks Work, sees Obè pushing sonic boundaries and releasing a music video that could double as a Halloween fright night flick.

Directed by Sebastian Sdaigui, the opening scene features the sound of a dial tone along with a shot of an old phone hanging by the wire as if dropped in a panic. From there, it just gets weird – like empty-eyed mannequins bleeding from their noses, random boob shots and creepy abandoned hallways, weird.

Press play to see the creepiest way to wish someone well you’ve ever experienced.

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Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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