Cop It, Then Rock It

When Gosha Rubchinskiy drops a collection, streetwear kids rush to snap it up instantly — think of Russian history repeating itself with Pavlov’s dog experiment over 100 years later. Last month’s collaboration with adidas Soccer was a case in point: the much-hyped garb appearing on Facebook resale groups for nearly triple retail price just hours after its release.

The in-demand sportswear collection was yet another Rubchinskiy love letter to modern youth culture. Compiling footwear, clothing and accessories, the range distilled a soccer sensibility through the designer’s nostalgic lens. Old school soccer shirts arrived with CCCP-style lettering writ large, tracksuits were scored with chunky Three Stripes branding, and trainers came reinforced with retro-flavored gummy accents. Football never looked so cool.

If you missed out at the time, then fear not — there are alternatives out there. With Cyrillic font and vintage football shirts all the rage right now, never has there been a better time to dip into the Eastern European sportswear market.

Pick out your favorite sponsor below (who cares if you end up inadvertently co-signing a state-friendly oil conglomerate?), and let us see how you style it by uploading a photo onto Instagram with the tag #snobshots.

Now go behind-the-scenes of Gosha’s post-Soviet generation with this new video.

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