When it comes to city pride, Bostonians are perhaps the most unabashedly vocal about their hometown, and for good reason. In recent years the city has become a burgeoning cultural mecca for creatives of all sorts, and as part of Highsnobiety‘s ongoing video series with sports lifestyle brand ’47, we’re back with our latest installment highlighting yet another artist whose work has been critical in elevating Boston on a world stage.

As Boston’s flourishing hip-hop scene continues to produce upcoming talents like Michael Christmas, rapper Jefe Replay proves to be cut from a slightly different cloth as the Roxbury native recounts what motivates him to keep grinding on the daily. Walking us through some of his favorite local spots, Replay explains what success means to him on both a personal and professional level.

“Being successful in Boston, you really get to touch your fans, you really get to see the supporters who come out to your shows,” Replay explains. According to him, when he was younger he felt like he had something to prove to himself and his peers, which fueled his hustle even further. “There’re a lot of people that may think that since you’re the man in this one small area, that everyone has that same respect. So I went up and earned it and brought it back home.”


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His fierce work ethic set against the backdrop of a neighborhood known to be tough as nails proved to be a winning formula for Replay’s career. “Boston made me never be stagnant; it made me never be complacent or happy where I am,” Replay admits.

As the series continues, we’ll be spotlighting even more Boston talent. Check our previous videos with Concepts’ Deon Point and artist Fish McGill for more of Boston’s elite creatives.

Along with Boston’s ’47Highsnobiety is telling the story of people who’ve helped turned one of the oldest cities in America into a cultural hub. With hometown pride and the fearlessness to define success on their own terms, these people embody ’47’s mantra to “let your you out.” 

Words by Daniel So
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