As of today, Hurricane Irma is confirmed as heading towards the Florida Keys as a Category 4 hurricane, and will bring with it tornadoes and 130mph winds, as well as massive sea surges, and subsequent flooding. With Trump warning citizens to “just get out of its way,” Hurricane Irma has already seen seven million people being evacuated from the state.

In light of this event, much like that of Hurricane Harvey, celebrities, and those fortunate few with some serious monetary clout are banding together to offer their support in the best ways they can.

Lil B took to Twitter to announce, much like he did with Hurricane Harvey, that all musicians and artists affected by the natural disaster are eligible for free verses from the man himself. It seems a tad gimmicky, and despite not helping people get back on their feet in the traditional sense, it could stand to support affected artists in an entirely new manner. Check the tweet and accompanying Instagram post below:

Slightly more traditionally, Tesla has reportedly extended the capabilities of some of its cars to help preexisting customers escape quicker (presumably). What this means is that Tesla owners could originally purchase a model with a software-locked 75 kWh battery, that was only capable of achieving 60 kWh. All devised as a scheme to take advantage of Tesla’s remote technology, and ability to deploy such restrictions on car owners, batteries can be updated for fees of up to $9,000. In light of Hurricane Irma, Tesla has temporarily lifted restrictions, and equipped all Florida residents with a little more go.

Ryan Reynolds also rose to the occasion to lend his support whilst on set for the filming of Deadpool.

Apple has already committed a massive $5 million to the relief efforts for both hurricane disasters, and has made donations possible directly through iTunes, with its purpose-built Hand in Hand application.

Charity organizations such as the American Red Cross, Airbnb, Volunteer Florida and more are now open to support the victims of Hurricane Irma.

Words by Adam Mark
Weekend Editor

Adam is Highsnobiety’s Weekend Editor and splits his time between overseeing all weekend content and studying Economic and Social Communication at Berlin’s University of the Arts.

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