Some artists would spend their entire career trying to make a track as slick and polished as “All That,” which makes the fact that this is ABISHA’s debut single so hard to fathom. It’s a piece of information you would spend more time thinking about if it weren’t for the fact that time itself seems to stand still when it’s playing. See for yourself below:

Marrying a sultry R&B vocal turn with ornate production that leans more into the territory of synth-pop (courtesy of the legendary Mike Chapman), “All That” is a track that rewards multiple listens; revealing added layers of depth that are tied together solely through the staying power of ABISHA’s powerhouse vocals – which are considerable given her tender age of 22.

Speaking on the track, ABISHA says that it is “a literal song. It speaks so openly about being torn between two love interests and eventually having to make a decision. It’s not a nice situation or topic, but it happened. It’s so straight up. The track was written and finished within a day because the lyrics are literally just the thoughts straight out of my head. Sometimes I think that things happen to you in life and you don’t see the greater meaning or purpose until way after, when you’ve stepped out of the situation.”

Stay tuned for more from ABISHA!

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