Tune in and turn up

Rap is riddled with odes to being the greatest, for as the saying goes, ‘there can only be one.’ Yet even in a crowded field of anthems to being the best, there are few quite like “iCHiBAN,” the new single with accompanying video from ‘international man of mystery’ Leo Luchini. Check it out below.

Splitting his time between London and Berlin, Luchini lives up to his self-professed title of a multi-national enigma. “iCHiBAN” is the first taste of his upcoming Tears Behind My Shades EP, and it is his first release since last year’s bizarrely wonderful Bubblegum Creep EP. Where (or what) the musician, self-taught producer and “full-time loverboy” gets up to next is literally anyone’s guess, but rest assured it will not be boring.

Look out for Leo’s ‘Tears Behind My Shades’ EP to launch in early 2018. Stay tuned to his SoundCloud.

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  • Cover Image: Oskar Proctor
Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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