Kenzo’s impact on fashion cannot be overstated. For us, the brand’s constant infusion of positive energy through borderless and artful fashion is what made Kenzo one of our first “fashion-loves”.

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Denim Trucker Jacket
KenzoDenim Trucker Jacket
$537.50 USD
$1,075.00 USD
Bowling Elephant Merino Wool Jumper Wisteria
KenzoBowling Elephant Merino Wool Jumper Wisteria
$427.50 USD
$855.00 USD
Bucket Hat
KenzoBucket Hat
$97.50 USD
$195.00 USD
Long Peek Basketball Cap
KenzoLong Peek Basketball Cap
$132.50 USD
$265.00 USD
‘BOKE FLOWER’ Sweatshirt
Kenzo‘BOKE FLOWER’ Sweatshirt
$250.00 USD
$500.00 USD
‘Archives Labels’ Vest
Kenzo‘Archives Labels’ Vest
$1,230.00 USD
Elephant Coach Jacket Midnight Blue
KenzoElephant Coach Jacket Midnight Blue
$457.50 USD
$915.00 USD
KENZO Elephant Fitted T-Shirt Midnight Blue
KenzoKENZO Elephant Fitted T-Shirt Midnight Blue
$227.50 USD
$455.00 USD
Wavy Stripe Wool Cardigan Midnight Blue
KenzoWavy Stripe Wool Cardigan Midnight Blue
$505.00 USD
$1,010.00 USD
$145.00 USD
$290.00 USD
‘BOKE Boy’ Travels Oversized Hoodie
Kenzo‘BOKE Boy’ Travels Oversized Hoodie
$262.00 USD
$655.00 USD
Sailor Loose Jeans
KenzoSailor Loose Jeans
$327.50 USD
$655.00 USD
BOKE Boy Crossbody Bag
KenzoBOKE Boy Crossbody Bag
$283.50 USD
$405.00 USD
BOKE Boy Tote Beige
KenzoBOKE Boy Tote Beige
$216.00 USD
$540.00 USD
BOKE Boy Tote Bag Blue
KenzoBOKE Boy Tote Bag Blue
$216.00 USD
$540.00 USD
Wavy Stripe Cardigan
KenzoWavy Stripe Cardigan
$457.50 USD
$915.00 USD
Patchwork Jumper
KenzoPatchwork Jumper
$430.00 USD
$1,075.00 USD
Elephant Jumper
KenzoElephant Jumper
$430.00 USD
$1,075.00 USD
Cargo Shorts
KenzoCargo Shorts
$218.00 USD
$545.00 USD
Cargo Trousers
KenzoCargo Trousers
$244.00 USD
$610.00 USD
Jungle Tote Bag
KenzoJungle Tote Bag
$255.00 USD
$510.00 USD
$82.50 USD
$165.00 USD
Sailor Loose Denim Shorts
KenzoSailor Loose Denim Shorts
$218.00 USD
$545.00 USD
Cargo Jogpants
KenzoCargo Jogpants
$218.00 USD
$545.00 USD
Paris Blanket Green
KenzoParis Blanket Green
$178.00 USD
$445.00 USD
Beanie Medium Red
KenzoBeanie Medium Red
$133.50 USD
$445.00 USD
Boke Flower High-Top Sneaker Cream
KenzoBoke Flower High-Top Sneaker Cream
$370.00 USD
Wool Beanie Middle Grey
KenzoWool Beanie Middle Grey
$79.50 USD
$265.00 USD
Poppy Tote Bag Ecru
KenzoPoppy Tote Bag Ecru
$222.50 USD
$445.00 USD
Slim-Fit Trousers Black
KenzoSlim-Fit Trousers Black
$365.00 USD

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KENZO clothing has crossed borders and unified fashion cultures. Our first luxury love — the iconic Kenzo Tiger print tees and sweaters — were everyone's first designer must-have, worn by celebs, bloggers, models and fashion editors alike. It’s proof that lux-quality doesn't have to break the bank. Synonymous with bold colors and minimalist shapes, Kenzo clothing can complement any fit. Because who doesn't love a bold and warm statement sweater for those gray and dreary winters? With bold flower prints, boxlike shirts, easy-going sweaters, and loose-fitting cargo pants, the new head designer NIGO extends Kenzo’s legacy with a fresh wave of the streetwear-friendly, wardrobe-builders we've all been craving.

Kenzo Takada opened his first boutique in the Galerie Vivienne, Paris, in 1970. Fast forward a few months, in 1971, one of his designs was picked up by Elle magazine cover, consequently raising the interest of international buyers. Merely a year later, Kenzo clothing opened several stores worldwide. While he initially designed for women, men's clothing and fragrances were later added to the collection.

Owned by LVMH since 1993, the KENZO clothing brand has retained a harmonic take on its designs. A new era for the brand started in 2021 when Nigo was appointed as their new creative director. His fresh take on the brand is a boke flower motif, serving as a homage to Kenzo's love for floral prints. A mix of evocative optimism and exuberant colors is still present, cultivating the joy of living in Kenzo's original designs.

Classically oversized shirts, effortless sweatshirts, graphic hoodies, and t-shirts with bold logos by Kenzo all feature the bright red boke flower print. At the same time, cargo pants are cut from sturdy Japanese cotton twill, reflecting NIGO's vision of KENZO clothing: "a real wardrobe for the future, tied to the wisdom of the past."