With J.L-A.L we have some of the finest techwear garments in the game, straight from the innovative mind of British designer Jean-Luc A. Lavelle. Top that with a growing number of footwear collabs, we bet J.L-A.L will soon become the key brand for your GORP-focused outfits.

16 Items
16 Items

British designer Jean-Luc A. Lavelle, known by his brand name and Instagram handle J.L-A.L, is a prominent design talent. Jean Luc and his innovative brand, which uses 3D development software to design collections that minimize waste is the perfect example of how design work integrates with functionality with technical, outdoorsy materials at their core.

Jean-Luc Ambridge Lavelle is known for his modern reimagining of traditional menswear aesthetics. J.L-A.L, transforming from an IG page to a label in less than three years, draws inspiration from nature's protective and functional structures. The brand focuses on utilitarian cuts and innovative details, like triple-collared shirts, while maintaining minimalistic color palettes that is typical of the quiet outdoor aesthetic taking over in recent months.

J.L-A.L's rise was significantly boosted by a collaboration with HOKA, making the brand a major topic among fashion-savvy individuals in the UK, particularly in London.

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