Hatton Labs

Based in London’s Jewellery Quarter, Hatton Labs fuses heritage with cutting-edge technology. The brand uses 3D design and printing, as well as traditional handwork techniques, to craft its pieces from recycled metals and materials. The future of ice is here.

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19 Items

Hatton Labs has made a strong case for sustainable jewelry. Using only scrap recycled metal from local manufacturers, the Jack Cannon-founded company offers wearers affordable precious accessories that mix contemporary jewelry with genre-bending designs. In a wave of monotonous and often badly made jewelry, Hatton Labs’ handcrafted pendant necklaces, pearland sterling silver bracelets, and multi-colored crystal necklaces feel refreshing and chic. New drops always feel culturally relevant and wearable, quickly turning its silver accessories into seasonal must-haves.

These forward-thinking creations have attracted support from Burberry, Skepta, Vivienne Westwood, and Harry Styles — and this is just the beginning of this fashion newcomer’s story. In just a few years, Hatton Labs has used jewelry to tap into the right cultural touch points while bettering the jewelry industry as a whole. That’s not bad for a newbie.

Hatton Labs was born out of Hatton Gardens — London’s prestigious jewelry district. There Cannon and his team mix traditional handwork techniques with 3-D printing technologies to design their jewelry. The brand got its start making grills for locals before eventually graduating to making chains, rings, and more. Today Hatton Labs jewelry is loved for its use of sculptural shapes in sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Designs themselves pull from both British heritage and modern subcultures.

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