Space Available

Space Available is a Bali-based label whose motto is 'radical upcycling.' The brand, with sustainability at its forefront, collaborates with a diverse group of artists, designers, bioscientists, and environmentalists to repurposes plastic waste from landfills and local beaches to create homewares and low-impact clothes.

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12 Items

Space Available turns trash into psychedelic furniture. At the moment, only about 10% of the 6.8 million tonnes of plastic generated every year is actually recycled. The Bali-based brand is here to disrupt the way we create concepts, products, and experiences. From colorful artisans chairs for your living room to home-office-ready turntable casings, all of the brand’s products are made from recycled materials. Space Available makes these useful, sustainable, and eye-catching everyday objects. As their furniture and garments make their way into our homes, the label hopes to start conversations, raise awareness, and spark change.

Space Available operates as a sustainable design studio led by a community of scientists, designers, artists, and environmentalists. Founded by Daniel Mitchell, the creative director believes curving the world’s plastic consumption will come down to creating a circular economy around the products that we use daily. It merges these sustainable practices with artisanal construction techniques in its designs. Products like their Blue Chair are made using 20 kilograms of plastic — shredding and melting the material before putting it in a mold. The process creates that distinctive marble-like swirling pattern seen on so many of their products. Furniture pieces are constructed with local Balinese artisans in a workshop.

Clothing by the brand is treated with the same love of sustainable care, incorporating upcycled waste cotton salvaged from factory off-cuts while waste materials are reworked into the shirt. Space Available knows how to do sustainable products right.