While little is known about Apple's iOS 14 at this time, a newly leaked video seems to reveal the new operating system running on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The clip shows a revamped multitasking menu for the smartphone, similar to the feature on the iPad.

The first look at the new multitasking for iPhone comes courtesy of 91mobiles and insider Ben Geskin. 91mobiles points out that while using the iOS 14 multitasking view, apps appear and dismiss fairly quickly on the iPhone. Four apps can appear on the screen simultaneously, with more being available when swiping right.

Furthermore, when you dismiss an app, a lock opening appears. The lock is absent, however, when the app is on the screen. The purpose behind the lock is mere speculation at this point, with some suggesting that locked apps will be pinned so you don't accidentally close them while swiping.

According to Geskin, users will be able to choose between various multitasking layouts including Deck Switcher, Grid Switcher, Automatic, and Minimum Viable Switcher. Again, the overall layout is similar to the iPad multitasking view.

See the video below for a quick glimpse at the new multitasking menu coming to iPhone with iOS 14.

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