apple iphone touch id rumors
Getty Images / Jack Taylor

The new iPhone models released by Apple in 2020 might incorporate a full-screen Touch ID system, meaning you would be able to unlock your phone by placing your fingerprint anywhere on the display, MacRumors reports.

Breaking down a report by Barclays, the Apple rumors site reveals that the new fingerprint tech could replace Apple’s current Touch ID tech, replacing it with an “acoustic imagine system architecture” that essentially 3D-models your finger via acoustic waves, rather than simply scanning it.

The report also reveals that the tech giant is working on other major changes. Alongside the full-screen Touch ID, the 2020 iPhones will include 5G support and 3D sensing via the rear camera system. The XR model could also be getting its RAM bumped from 3GB to 4GB. Apple is also said to be transitioning all of its phones to OLED displays by as early as 2020.

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