Is that a new Supreme store? Nope, it's Barbara Kruger's new pop-up shop. Billed as Kruger’s first-ever performance, and part of a Performa Biennial roster that includes the artist’s take on a skatepark and a bus emblazoned with slogans printed in her iconic aesthetic is called Untitled (The Drop). The pop-up is a wry jab at one of her long-standing targets, clothing and skateboard label Supreme, which uses her signature white Futura Bold text on red blocks in its branding.

Last week, Kruger released 50,000 MetroCards randomly distributed on November 1 at vending machines at four stations around New York, serving as part of Kruger’s site-specific work for the Performa Biennial. If you recall, Supreme released their own MetroCard earlier this year. Coincidence?

The pop-up shop located at the Performa festival’s Studio Miessen-designed hub on Broadway and Howard Street, houses many items made by the California sportswear company Volcom. Hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers (ranging from $15-70$) in the store are emblazoned with the artist’s phrases like “WANT IT, BUY IT, FORGET IT.” The skateboard deck for sale follows suit with the phrase “DON’T BE A JERK”, with a heavy emphasis on "JERK." You can buy the full collection at the store for $300. For more information on the event head over to the Performa-Arts site here.

Take a exclusive look inside Kruger's Untitled (The Drop) pop-up in the gallery above.

In other news, Supreme will feature Cindy Sherman’s ‘Grotesque Series’ on its latest artist series skate decks.

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