justin bieber

EstablishedBirth date: March 1, 1994
HQResidence: Los Angeles, USA
FounderYears active: 2007 - present
RevenueNet worth: $265 million

He’s perhaps the most notorious person on the planet, or at least, one of its most famous. With over 105 million social media followers, 140 million-plus records sold, and what’s felt like a million controversies in tow, anything Justin Bieber does, says or sings becomes a headline. Ever since his 2007 discovery on YouTube, the Canadian pop prodigy has grown up personally and professionally within the public eye. With new music consistently dropping, his hair and style always evolving, and a budding marriage to Hailey Baldwin, Bieber’s never going out of sight, or out of mind. He’s simply everywhere. Where is Justin Bieber from? Born and raised in Ontario, Canada by a single mother, Bieber had humble beginnings precipitating his work ethic and meteoric rise. Bieber played the guitar, piano, drums, and trumpet growing up, but as a pre-teen his singing kicked-off his career in music. His mother planted the seeds for Bieber’s life as a pop idol by uploading videos of him singing covers of Usher and Chris Brown songs to YouTube during the site’s infancy, making him one of the first major internet celebrities. Who discovered Justin Bieber? While searching for YouTube videos of another singer, Scooter Braun, a music marketing executive, accidentally clicked on one of Bieber’s 2007 videos of him busking at a local Ontario theatre. He came away so impressed that he immediately began searching for the theatre in Bieber’s video, eventually tracking down Bieber’s school and calling its board members to get in contact with Bieber’s mother. His mother was initially reluctant to agree to Braun’s star-making overtures for Bieber, but relented on the advice of church elders. At 13, Braun took Bieber to Atlanta to record demos, and a week later, he was singing for Usher. Soon thereafter, Usher and Justin Timberlake’s management companies bid for Bieber’s signature, with Usher winning out. By 2008, Braun was Bieber’s manager, and the rest is very, very well-documented history. How old is Justin Bieber? He’s 25 years old and was first seen in a YouTube video as a 12-year-old cover singer. Justin Bieber Timeline 2007-2008 — Justin Bieber’s mother begins uploading videos of him singing R&B covers to YouTube. Scooter Braun accidentally discovers him while searching for videos of another singer on the site, and convinces Bieber and his mother to sign with him and Usher. With Usher’s help, Bieber receives his first record deal. 2009 — Bieber begins recording his debut album. His first single “One Time” peaks at no. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and goes platinum. In November, he releases his first project My World, an EP. 2010 — Bieber releases his full-length debut album My World 2.0 to a no. 1 Billboard debut, making him the youngest male solo artist to top the album charts since Stevie Wonder in 1963. The album’s single “Baby” breaks out as an international hit, and off the strength of Bieber’s debut, an acoustic version, My Worlds Acoustic, releases in November. Bieber begins dating Selena Gomez on and off. 2011 — Bieber stars in a biopic and concert movie called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, which grosses nearly $100 million at the box office. In June, Forbes names him on their list of Best-Paid Celebrities Under 30 for the first time. The youngest person on the list at just 17, Bieber reportedly made $53 million in the 12 months prior to the list’s release. That November, Bieber releases a Christmas album called Under the Mistletoe to a no. 1 album debut. By the end of the year, Bieber begins recording his third album Believe. 2012 — Releases his third studio album Believe to another no. 1 album debut. Bieber moves away from the teen pop sounds of his earlier songs, taking on more contemporary pop and R&B notes. 2013 — Embarks on a 10-week campaign called Music Mondays, dropping one new song every week leading up to the release of his second film Justin Bieber’s Believe. Those 10 tracks and five new ones are produced into a compilation album, Journals. 2014 — Bieber has several run-ins with the law involving DUI, vandalism, assault, and dangerous driving. 2015 — Releases his fourth studio album Purpose to a no. 1 album debut. 2017 — The Chinese government bans him from performing in China, citing his past behavior. 2016 — Wins his first Grammy for Best Dance Recording with the song "Where Are Ü Now." 2018 — Breaks up with Selena Gomez for the last time. Marries Hailey Baldwin. 2019 — Launches his own streetwear label, Drew House. Announces his fifth album at Coachella. Justin Bieber Related Articles The Top 25 Justin Bieber Songs of All Time The 8 Most Extravagant Gifts Celebrity Couples Have Given Each Other Justin Bieber Is All Grown Up & Here Are His Best ’Fits From Hater to Belieber: How ‘Purpose’ Changed My Opinion of Justin Bieber From Teen Dream to Hype Machine: The Evolution of Justin Bieber’s Style