Looking for something to watch on these long summer days? Well you're in luck, as AD rounded up some 100 film critics and asked them to list their favorite movies of the year so far. Obviously not all their answers were the same, but the below 20 movies featured over and over again on critics' lists, so it's safe to say they're pretty good.

Jordan Peele's Get Out came in first place, while Kumail Nanjiani's rom-com The Big Sick got second, followed by Logan, Baby Driver and Anne Hathaway's sci-fi film, Colossal.

Box office hit Wonder Woman, Netflix Original Okja and Sofia Coppola's Cannes-winning The Beguiled also made the list.

See the full list below.

1. “Get Out” (Jordan Peele, U.S.) (100 lists) 2. “The Big Sick” (Michael Showalter, U.S.) (59) 3. “Logan” (James Mangold, U.S.) (56) 4. “Baby Driver” (Edgar Wright, U.S.) (55) 5. “Colossal” (Nacho Vigalondo, U.S.) (47) 6. “The Lost City of Z” (James Gray, U.S.) (46) 7. “Wonder Woman” (Patty Jenkins, U.S.) (44) 8. “The Beguiled” (Sofia Coppola, U.S.) (37) 9. “Personal Shopper” (Olivier Assayas, France) (36) 10. “Raw” (Julie Ducourneau, France) (34) 11. “Okja” (Bong Joon-Ho, South Korea/U.S.) (34) 12. “A Ghost Story” (David Lowery, U.S.) (27) 13. “John Wick: Chapter Two” (Chad Stahelski, U.S.) (26) 14. “A Quiet Passion” (Terrence Davies, U.K.) (20) 15. “It Comes at Night” (Trey Edward Schultz, U.S.) (16) 16. “The Lego Batman Movie” (Chris McKay, U.S.) (15) 17. “Graduation” (Cristi Mungiu, Romania) (14) 18. “Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore” (Macon Blair, U.S.) (14) 19. “Split” (M. Night Shyamalan, U.S.) (14) 20. “Norman” (Joseph Cedar, U.S.) 13

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