It’s no surprise that New York City has its finger on the pulse when it comes to dining. Chef Dominique Ansel’s cronut and the chopped cheese sandwich popularized by bodegas are just a few of the foods that were birthed in the big apple. One of today’s leading players in the city’s culinary scene is Kristopher Edelen, also known as Chef KPE. Not only is he creative and fearless in the kitchen combining foods that satiate our palates in bold, unexpected ways (like pairing Hennessy's VSOP with peaches to create a mouthwatering glaze), but he's also a master of senses. His modern approach to recipe development comes from an expert understanding of multi-sensory disciplines, which he uses to guide people through a unique culinary experience.

Chef KPE is the owner and a chef at HOTPANnyc, which is centered around a philosophy of combining local, contemporary ingredients with ingredients that are sourced from foraging, farming, hunting, and entomophagy (the study of eating insects). It’s a multidisciplinary approach to recipe development that he's mastered. “When I’m in the woods and I’m foraging and I’m connecting with those plants, I feel like my energy is involved and that’s coming onto the plate,” says Chef KPE.

To get a better understanding of how Chef KPE creates a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that's informed by his mastery of the senses, we followed him around New York City as he sources ingredients to put together a delicious duck dish. His journey begins in Inwood where he forages for garlic mustard, a wild green. Next, he heads downtown to visit Union Square Greenmarket and Chinatown in search of the perfect ingredients to complement his dish. Check out the video here to watch the trailblazing chef in action.


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