Denim label Closed has started off strong this winter with the release of a collaboration with legendary British designer Nigel Cabourn. Teased earlier this year at Pitti Immagine Uomo 97, the collection takes inspiration from naval attire and comprises both men- and womenswear.

Somewhat of a cult favorite, Nigel Cabourn’s worker-informed collections are timeless, inspired not by trends by moments in history, people that inspire him, or garments he’s collected during his travels around the world. Equally fastidious about function and durability, Closed became a resounding success in the ‘90s thanks to hip hop favoring its baggy jeans and is known today for its contemporary yet affordable, made-in-Italy denim.

François Girbaud, Closed’s original founder and Cabourn first crossed paths decades ago. Cabourn explains, "I met him [Girbaud] at a stop in Germany or at one of the Italian fairs. It was 40 or 45 years ago. He looked incredibly interesting in a big pair of wide, wide pants and a little denim jacket with a red vest inside. The vest was attached to the jacket. I bought it in 1980 after I saw him wearing it. He looked fucking fantastic and stuck out in my mind right from that time. We became friends over the last 10 years." After Cabourn bumped into Closed's now-CEO Gordon Giers at a factory dinner in Hong Kong, the seeds for collaboration were sewn.

Pooling both brands’ creative visions, the collaboration perfectly blends of Nigel Cabourn’s signature military-informed aesthetic with Closed’s expertise in denim and casual wear. The theme: naval wear. Inspired by vintage uniforms worn by sailors and seafarers, the collection features functional outerwear, overalls, striped knits, patterned wool jacquards, shearling, and, of course, denim. Cuts are relaxed and, staying true to the theme, the color palette makes heavy use of navy and military green, and the denim is washed to make it look as though it’s been faded at sea.

The Closed × Nigel Cabourn collection is available now at, in selected Closed shops, and Nigel Cabourn’s flagship store in London.

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