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DJ Khaled kicked off the Overwatch League Finals last weekend with a live performance that left most attendees somewhat confused. Gamers who turned up at New York’s Barclays Center to watch the league’s Philly Fusion battle it out with London Spitfire were met with a perhaps overly-enthusiastic Khaled yelling “Overwatch Me.”

During his set, the producer performed a selection of his biggest hits, which, for the most part, saw him ad-libbing and dancing as the tunes played on in the background. Despite numerous attempts to rile up the crowd, many were not swayed by Khaled’s efforts.

The weekend event was nonetheless a bustling affair. Serena Williams hosted the playoffs, much to the delight of many, alongside additional sightings of Jon Bon Jovi, Brooklyn Nets player D’Angelo Russell, and actress Courtney Miller. Moreover, the tense showdown saw London Spitfire become the first-ever winner of the Overwatch League season playoffs, earning the team a cool $1,000,000 cash prize.

Still, those in attendance, some of whom were clearly unfamiliar with Khaled, could not erase the producer’s performance from their collective memory and weren’t shy about airing their grievances on Twitter. Before you browse the best reactions, check out some clips from the night.

At least one person enjoyed it

Some weren’t quite sure who he was

Which left many attendees confused or uninterested

Many weren’t thrilled about his dancing

Do you even know what Overwatch is?

Do better Blizzard Entertainment

In summary…

What are your thoughts on DJ Khaled’s performance? Hit or miss?

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