One of fashion’s most notoriously private designers is finally letting the world in. In a new documentary titled Dries, Belgian designer Dries Van Noten offers a candid look at his life, process and practice.

In the very first trailer of Dries, the designer can be seen carefully caressing fabrics and briefing his team in his atelier, alongside scenes from some of his most iconic collections, including his recent Spring/Summer 2015 outing. The collection featured models dreamily floating in grass, in homage to John Everett Millais' Pre-Raphaelite painting Ophelia.

At one point, the Antwerp Six legend professes his disdain for an industry he has given his life and creativity to: "The word 'fashion' I don't like because fashion means something which is over after six months."

The forthcoming documentary will offer a comprehensive look back on his 25-year-long career and a rare insider view into the Belgian visionary’s practice and extraordinary life at the upper-echelon of fashion. For more fashion news, check out H&M's latest 'Spring Icon's campaign curated by The Weeknd

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